Basilica: The Roman Catholic Basilica of Mariazell is the most important place of pilgrimage in Austria. In the place of grace founded in the 12th century, a wooden picture of the Virgin Mary is revered. To this day the baroque statute of grace stands at the original place of its foundation.

Treasury chamber in the Basilica: The tour contains four different parts – the Northern Treasury, the Northern Gallery, the Western Gallery and the Southern Gallery.

The picture of the treasure chamber is the most revered picture of Mariazell right after the statue of grace.

Mariazeller Heimathaus: Here you can visit the existing collection of our local history, which has been painstakingly collected and lovingly presented in the museum.

GLAUBENsREICH: In this exhibition the history of the Protestant church in Mitterbach about woodcutters, secret protestants and reformers is presented.

Mechanical crib: The mechanical crib, in a private house on Kalvarienberg, shows twelve scenes from the New Testament with 130 movable figures.